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World Energy Qatar is unique

This is the only LNG event that has unrivalled access to Qatar, the world’s largest exporter of LNG,
and the event is officially supported by a host of local LNG stakeholders.

2-day conference and a 1-day Youth Programme

Interactive Breakouts

120+ Speakers

Round Tables with Qatar

Technical Tours

1,300 Conference Delegates

Hear how Qatar’s current LNG operation is planned and executed,
and more importantly what’s in the pipeline for the future

World Energy Qatar will bring together a range of key international gas and LNG specialists, who will deliver their thoughts and expertise on the issues facing the sector, as well as showing how to maximise business potential as LNG continues to grow in popularity.

In addition to the mainstage conference, you can attend:
Technical seminars from every
function of the LNG industry
Dedicated workshops with
industry leaders
Educational breakouts from
governmental, legal and shipping experts
Off-site technical tour to
Qatar’s primary LNG installation
Networking drinks receptions & dinners


• LNG market outlook: fulfilling current demands and driving new supplies
• Exploiting LNG as a marine transport fuel
• Asia: how to realise the huge opportunity for LNG


International Insight

• Global engineering case studies
• Interactive showcase of the latest innovation from the brightest minds in industry


• Bridging the contractual gaps between buyers and suppliers
• Future investors: where will the money come from?
• New Wave LNG: its impact on established suppliers

Technical Analysis

• LNG processing and cryogenic engineering
• Field development technology and gas to liquids


• How to stimulate new demand for LNG
• LNG trading markets: short-term trends and a long-term outlook


• Transportation, transfer and handling of LNG cargo
• Small-scale LNG and bunkering development
• Marine transportation fuels: LNG, hydrogen, LPG and ethane
• Performance optimisation: how you can reduce downtime and increase efficiency