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Why World Energy Qatar?

A 3-day exhibition for over 150 international companies.

A 2-day commercial conference, with participation from Government, industry, finance and innovation leaders.

World Energy Qatar is your gateway to the world’s largest LNG market.

With over a quarter of the market share, Qatar is already the most established LNG exporter in the world,
and as production is set to accelerate to 550MTPA with national and international investments,
now is the time to develop your business with Qatar.

When Qatar talks LNG, the world listens.

That’s why World Energy Qatar will attract strategy influencers and policy decision-makers from every importing and exporting country in the world. In addition to government leaders and energy CEOs, you will meet:

Oil & Gas, LNG
& Energy Investors
Heads of Development, Innovation
and Supply Chain
Leaders in LNG transportation, shipping, services and technical management

With Asia-Pacific and Europe increasing their LNG imports year on year, and an ever-increasing push for cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuels, LNG is the growth market that energy companies and investors are turning to.

Source: IGU report 2019